Thursday, May 27, 2004

And Abner Doubleday invented baseball....

A bio of the New York Times' first "public editor". We're all waiting with baited breath until Sunday, when Mr. Okrent unveils his assessment of what went wrong at the former U.S. "paper of record" with the run up to Iraq II. My betting is that he wimps out: "Mistakes were made, it'll never happen again, public shame is the worst punishment", blah, blah, blah.

Another blogger, Aaron Swartz, provides specifics on Mr. Okrent's work at the Times.

William Powers of the National Journal has a different take on Mr. Okrent:

Hmmm, writes like a dream and drives all kinds of people nuts? I say drop the every-other-week shtick—make this man go daily.
He does note, however, that
Meanwhile, outside the paper, one hears scattered complaints that he has not been tough enough, pulls punches.

Well, wait until Sunday and we can all judge together.