Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Know your government: Department of Justice (part one)

The US Department of Justice includes a Department of Professional Responsibility (OPR). The OPR,

which reports directly to the Attorney General, is responsible for investigating allegations that Department of Justice attorneys have engaged in misconduct in connection with their duties to investigate, represent the government in litigation, or provide legal advice. In addition, OPR has jurisdiction to investigate allegations of misconduct by law enforcement personnel when such allegations are related to allegations of attorney misconduct within the jurisdiction of OPR.

"The objective of OPR is to ensure that Department of Justice attorneys continue to perform their duties in accordance with the high professional standards expected of the Nation's principal law enforcement agency.

The OPR's "Counsel submits an annual report to the Attorney General." Annual Reports are available online for 1994 through 2001. Apparently, the Bush Administration is not posting its annual reports.

OPR Counsel H. Marshall Jarrett was appointed by the Clinton Administration in 1998. (bio)