Saturday, June 12, 2004

CIA humor (found at

Three Iraqis were travelling on a train from Baghdad to Mosul. In the same carriage were three undercover CIA operatives, masquerading as businessmen. They were complaining about the extortionate cost of their tickets.

The Iraqis laughed and told them that they were foolish to spend all that money, and that they had only purchased one ticket between them.

"How do you think you're going to get away with that?" asked one of the Americans

The Iraqi winked. "Watch, and learn." he replied.

Just then the ticket collector appeared at the end of the carriage and all three Iraqis immediately rushed to the toilet and locked themselves in. When the ticket collector got to the toilet he observed the 'Engaged' sign and rapped on the door. "Tickets please!" he called loudly. The door opened slightly and a hand reached out, clutching a ticket. The ticket collector took it and moved on.

The Iraqis returned to their seats, laughing. The CIA guys looked at each other with disbelieving glances and shook their heads.

That night, on the train back to Baghdad from Mosul, the same three CIA men and the same three Iraqis found themselves in the same carriage once again. "Well, did you save your money on this trip?" teased one of the Iraqis. "Sure did!" replied one of the Americans and waved a solitary ticket before the Iraqis. "Hey mister, you wasted your money again," laughed the Iraqi, "We don't even have one ticket between us, we're travelling for free!" The Americans were curious. "Get outta here,how do you think you're gonna manage that?" The Iraqi winked, "Just watch, and learn!"

At that moment the ticket collector appeared at the end of the carriage. The three Americans and the three Iraqis all darted to the other end, and the Americans locked themselves in one toilet while the Iraqis locked themselves in the one opposite. Then one of the Iraqis nipped out and rapped on the door of the toilet where the CIA men were hiding...

"Tickets please!"

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