Saturday, June 05, 2004

John Dean on Bush's hiring an attorney

John Dean argues that the President's decision to hire a private attorney to advise him in the Plame investigation is a serious matter

It is possible that Bush is consulting Sharp only out of an excess of caution - despite the fact that he knows nothing of the leak, or of any possible coverup of the leak. But that's not likely.

On this subject, I spoke with an experienced former federal prosecutor who works in Washington, specializing in white collar criminal defense (but who does not know Sharp). That attorney told me that he is baffled by Bush's move - unless Bush has knowledge of the leak. "It would not seem that the President needs to consult personal counsel, thereby preserving the attorney-client privilege, if he has no knowledge about the leak," he told me.
I agree with Mr. Dean that it's getting very interesting.

P.S. At least three times I've heard Tim Russert state that NBC is fighting his subpoena. Dean notes that
The Fitzgerald investigation has not made friends with the Washington press corps, many of whom are being subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury. Those journalists with whom I have spoken say they are not willing appeared before any grand jury to reveal their sources. So this issue is headed toward a showdown. And under existing law, a journalist cannot refuse to provide information to a grand jury.
Is Russert upset because the investigators don't honor who he is or because he doesn't want to talk?