Sunday, June 06, 2004

Return with me to Iran-Contra....

A letter appeared in the May 24th edition of the Rocky Mountain News from a Mr. Don Secord Jr. of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I reprint it because every word is heart-felt. It seems that Mr. Secord is outraged that the Middle East isn't apologizing enough to the good ol' US of A:

Americans would like apology for atrocities

I am absolutely outraged at the never-ending talk about the apology the Iraqi people are due because a small number of Iraqi prisoners were forced to be hooded and naked in the presence of women and other men.

Where's our apology from the Iraqis who murdered, desecrated, burned and hung lifeless American bodies from a bridge while chanting anti-American slogans?

I will never forget the horrific images of dead Americans who were in that country to help rebuild their infrastructure.

Maybe we have all forgotten that 3,000 innocent lives were lost on 9/11.

Where's our apology? I'll bet every family who lost a loved one on that tragic day would trade a day of humiliation for the life of their lost son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister in a second! I realize that the Iraqi culture finds public nudity offensive. Our culture finds the mass murder of innocents offensive as well. Where's our apology for that atrocity?

Don Secord Jr.
Highlands Ranch

Just when I thought that Don Secord was a name resigned to history, W. hires Don's former Iran-Contra attorney and his son (?) does everything in his power to ensure the U.S. gets what's coming to us.

And to Mr. Secord, if it makes you feel any better,

I'm very sorry for you.