Tuesday, June 01, 2004

U.S. occupation doesn't get it (chapter 89)

Steve Gilliard explains why Iraqi police walked off the job in Najaf:

The U.S. adviser said no sleeping arrangements had been made for the Iraqis, they had no personal gear for their duties or changes of clothes, and they were given military rations for meals that included pork. Muslims are forbidden to eat pork.

"They were not even given a mattress to sleep on," the adviser said. "The U.S. Army really dropped the ball here."

Steve gives them all the credit in the world for not overreacting to the insults:
No, they didn't desert. They walked off in protest, which beats killing their advisors and hanging them from street lamps, which is what happened in 1857, during the Sepoy Rebellion.
Wonder what ever happened to the concept of winning hearts and minds? Just asking.