Thursday, August 05, 2004

Jon Stewart at his best

Why would the RNC send a hick Congressman who had never seen "The Daily Show" to be interviewed by Jon Stewart is beyond me. The results were predictable, given that Rep. Bonilla was armed with a set of talking points and nothing more. Here's one of my favorite exchanges:

STEWART: You're making this up.


BONILLA: No, I'm not! And they--

STEWART: Okay, I'll tell you who it is. It's actually called the National Journal. And what they do is--

BONILLA: Well, that's a magazine!

STEWART: But they're the ones that put it together.

BONILLA: Right, they actually compile all this stuff.

STEWART: Right. But is that over their career, or over just...

BONILLA: Over their career.

STEWART: But see, no!

BONILLA: But they'll do it every year as well.

STEWART: The first and fourth--

BONILLA: They do it yearly and for career.

STEWART: But you know that the-- but Edwards over his career is actually more to the right than the median Democrat, and actually Kerry is more to the right of Kennedy. So I just, you know, like you say.

BONILLA: You're right.

STEWART: You just want people to have an honest discussion. That's all that I want. I'm not Democrat, I'm not Republican, but my head, with the spinning and the responses and the things, is... I'm a sad little man.


STEWART: I just need it to get more... you know what I'm saying.

BONILLA: What can we do to make you happy?

STEWART: Not-- no more of the rapid response with the-- just to twist the thing.