Thursday, September 16, 2004

Back again...sort of....

I've been busy with children and publication of a 300+ page report, but I should be back with more soon.

In the meanwhile, I recommend two blogs:

Michael Berube -- a hockey playing college professor who travels near the vortex of the political storms on the right...only to escape every time.

James Wolcott -- one of the best writers on the planet. His recent column on Kitty Kelley's tour promoting her story of the Bush family included the following:

Brown at least wasn't a snitty little twit, like the CNN interviewer this morning whose name, I believe, is Heidi Hairdo. From the outset her tone was brisk, assistant district-attorneyish, and yet schoolgirlishly naive, as when she couldn't understand why anyone would be "afraid" of the Bushes and Kelley laughed in snorting disbelief, as if she had to explain the facts of life to Miss Snippy.

Heidi Hairdo, like some of the other interviewers, seem to keep up an invisible cordon sanitarire, a starchy, disdainful discomfort at having to share the set with an author so disreputable and, oh dear, tacky. This from people who fawn over every narcissistic piece of Hollywood horseflesh making the rounds to promote their latest lousy movie.

What's clear is that the news media are uncomfortable with someone investigating the arrogant and disturbing patterns of behavior in the Bush dynasty. They can't ignore Kitty Kelley, but they want to keep her in her litter box. But she's a tiny tigress, and will not be contained.

There's more where that came from! Go read.